Seminar 2011

ASDA Seminar 2011 & ComplexWorld Annual Conference

The ASDA Seminar 2011 is organised together with the ComplexWorld Annual Conference in Seville, Spain. It is intended as a forum for Air Traffic Management scientists and PhD students, Complexity Science researchers and the ComplexWorld Network community, including Members and Participants and SESAR WP-E investigators. The Conference will be hosted by the School of Engineering of the University of Seville, on July 6-8, 2011. The conference organisation is a joint activity of ASDA and the ComplexWorld network.

Call for Papers

The ComplexWorld Annual Conference is intended as a forum to bring together researchers from academia, research establishments and industry that share common interests and expertise in the field of ATM Complexity Management that lies at the intersection of Complexity Science and ATM.

The Conference will focus on new concepts and developments in areas aligned with the WP-E research theme ‘Mastering Complex Systems Safely’ which explores how Complexity Science can contribute to understand, model, and ultimately drive and optimise the behaviour and the evolution of the ATM system that emerges from the complex relationships between its different elements.

The topics of the Conference include (but are not limited to):

  • Multiple spatio-temporal scales in ATM

  • Non-determinism and uncertainty in ATM

  • Emergent behaviour in ATM

  • Complex modelling of the ATM system

  • Validation and Verification of Complex ATM models

  • Design, Control and Optimization of Complex ATM models

  • Applications of Complex Systems to improve ATM performance

  • Characterization of Disturbances in ATM

  • ATM Resilience: Analysis of disturbance propagation and system stability and agility

  • Information management and decision-making mechanisms in ATM

  • Metrics at different scales, ontology and measurement in ATM

  • Other complex socio-technical and/or transport systems

Written contributions to topics mentioned above or similar ones are sought. Papers with innovative ideas and/or technical progress will be preferred. Please submit your abstract (one A4 page) to

  • April 1: Abstract submission deadline

  • April 18: Notification of acceptance

  • June 1: Full Paper submission deadline

  • July 6-8: Conference


This is a preliminary programme, to be updated in the next weeks.


Escuela Superior de Ingenieros, Camino de los Descubrimientos 41092 Sevilla, Spain (See the map)


Anyone interested in registering should contact Innaxis by e-mail ( including the following information: Name and institution, arrival and departure days. Recommended hotel: Trip Macarena, located here,, Tel. +34 954 37 57 00