Seminar 2012


20th June 2012

Delft University of Technology

The Netherlands

In combination with

3rd International Air Transport and

Operations Symposium (ATOS 2012)

2nd ComplexWorld Conference

6th International Meeting for Aviation

Product Support Processes (IMAPP)

18th – 20th June 2012

The 3rd ASDA Seminar objectives

The goal of the Air Traffic Management is to achieve a safe and orderly flow of traffic. The economical benefit of an orderly (or high) flow is immediately clear, but who should pay for the safety? And how much should we spend to achieve an advancement in safety? Or on the environment? Are the goals set in Flight Path 2050 economically feasible? On top of this, the Air Transport System is a distributed system with ground and airborne elements and many different stakeholders. This often means costs and benefits are also distributed. And not necessarily in the same way: very often the costs lie elsewhere in place and time compared to the benefits.

ASDA members and several other researchers work on advancing the efficiency, sustainability and safety of air transport. What is the economical side of these developments? Do we take that into account sufficiently? How can we make a trade-off between the different aspects and interests? Are we currently on the right track or do we need to change the way we run ATM research? How do you make a trustworthy cost-benefit analysis of ATM research &  development?


Send an e-mail to and include your affiliation.

Submittal Milestones:

  • Abstract / Draft Paper Deadline: 16thMarch 2012
  • Author Notification: 30th March 2012
  • Registration Deadline: 11th May 2012
  • Ready Paper / Poster Submission: 25thMay 2012

The topics of the Conference include (but are not limited to):

  • Economy & ATM Performance

  • What ATM concepts and procedures lead to more efficiency

  • Cost savings of new efficient procedures and systems

  • Incentives for the implementation of new ATM system elements

  • How much are we willing to pay for Safety and Environment in ATM?


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