Seminar 2009

ASDA Seminar 2009       

on the Understanding of the Relationship between Air Traffic Management and Environment

5th and 6th November 2009

Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands

Environmental aspects and the global climate change are in the focus of the public. In order to meet the needs of increased mobility it is obvious that the air transport system is one of the hot spots of debate in this context. Although the knowledge about the impact of air transport operations on the environment is still limited, several latest studies showed that this  influence  of the air traffic management system can be reduced significantly. The scientific work in this area covers as well the basics of climate analysis and measurement techniques, of air traffic management paradigms, chaos theory, physics, etc. as applied technologies the current and future Air Traffic Management procedures, the air transport infrastructure, and airline operations strategies, the use of new air vehicles or engines, etc.

The vision 2020 of ACARE outlines the short term goals for the research and development. The programmes within EC under implementation (FP7, CLEAN Sky and SESAR) are an important step for improvement. However, further research and more radical changes are required.

Every traveller has experienced some inconveniences due to weather impact on the air journey. The progress in weather forecast and the technological improvements at airports, air navigation service providers, weather services, airlines and others has already improved the situation. However much more is possible by better on-time and tailored information, better information sharing, process improvements, better infrastructure and last not least collaborative decision making. Several research disciplines together are asked to contribute to the solutions.

Topic of the seminar is the scientific community contribution to assess the problem and reduce the negative effects. The main challenge is to well understand the phenomena and irrespective of the organisational and political discussion submit to the entire ATM community scientific themes and way forward for reducing the environmental aeronautical impact.

The seminar is willing to be the right place where debate and launch collaborative and multi domain initiatives, studies and projects to be supported by the ATM community and European Institutional bodies for co-funding.

Who should participate in the seminar:

  • if you plan to work on SESAR research
  • if you are a decision maker in the ATM community who needs actual data to support decisions
  • if you are coming from ATC industry involved in strategy
  • if you are coming from government or ANSP strategy & policy making department

The seminar was held at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering,  Lecture-hall A, Kluyverweg 1, Delft

Presentations and some information about the authors of the Seminar are available on a CD-ROM. If you are interested in this information please send a request to ASDA (