Seminar 2014

To promote innovative Exploratory Research in the Air Traffic Management domain, join the ASDA Seminar 2014:

ATM Exploratory Research Tournament

CAPRI, Italy

25th and 26th September 2014

The workshop is a unique opportunity for key awarded researchers from different fields of expertise to present the potential benefit for ATM in applying best consolidated “theories” from other science domains.
Theses are moderated in brainstorming sessions where ATM R&D community professionals present their issues as challenging counterpart.
The keynote speakers shall answer the question “How your Science could help on one or more of the following field of ATM application oriented research?”
The matches are structured on specific application areas, including:

  •     High Performing Airport Operations
  •     Optimised ATM Network Management
  •     Advanced Air Traffic Services
  •     Enabling Aviation Infrastructure

“Science” open-mind speakers come from:

  •    Artificial Intelligence
  •    Automation
  •    Complexity & Data Science
  •    Economics & Finance
  •    Environment & Meteorology
  •    Intermodality
  •    Legal & Regulation
  •    Mathematics
  •    Neuroscience
  •    Psychology
  •    Robotics & Autonomy
  •    Statistics

For more information: please see: Seminar General Information